How to change board icons (folder near board title)

  • Hello,

    I'd like to change the little folder icon near every topic title. I'd like to replace it by a custom image.

    How is it possible ? I tried a module called 'WBB Bard icons' but it didn't allowed me to use my image, only predefined.

    So how may I do ?

    Thanks in advance.



  • appearance-styles-list styles

    edit desired style and enter advanced settings to add extra css

    find desired board ID and pick the icon from the FontAweome list.
    Each icon has its own code/ f114

    FontAwesome icons
    [data-board-id="100"] .icon-folder-close-alt:before {content: "\f114";font-family: FontAwesome;}
    [data-board-id="100"] .icon-folder-close:before {content: "\f115";font-family: FontAwesome;}
    if u want to change a color of the icon,add hex color at the end {content: "\f115";font-family: FontAwesome;} #93B4D3;}

    Custom icons
    [data-board-id="100"] .icon-folder-close-alt:before{content: url("../images/blue/boardM.png");}
    [data-board-id="100"] .icon-folder-close:before{content: url("../images/blue/boardM.png");}

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