Adventure Starts Today by Learning German

  • Hi,

    I believe it first starts in your mind with little sparkle (learning German) then it grows (living in Germany) to the end. I hope i would send pictures of Woltlab from my smarth-phone when i visit them in Berlin and we would drink Turkish Coffee with them in third quarter of 2014 or later..

    no matter what i will keep going.

    Here my books for learning German from ground zero of course with coffee :)

    Wish me good luck..

    See you around..

  • Danke @SoftCreatR , wie geht's dir? :)

    I think i will go up one level after i handle these cases issue.

    You know, Nominativ | Akkusativ | Dativ | Genitiv.. :) Scary right?

  • "Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod"

    Yeah, it's quite a cool book, its on my book shelf too ;)

    "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP" — Leonard Nimoy

  • currently i study simple things you know but if you wanna buy me that book @SoftCreatR i wouldn't stop you 8) , @lycra it is my 3th day on German so far so good, i like it.

    I need to have A1-2 on my own without courses. I believe i could do it in 3 months, i will have those exams on beginning of may or june. And i may contribute a course in Berlin for B1-B2 while working for McDonald's as a MD (arzt), man that would be surely an adventure. :)

    Bis später! (I haven't seen anyone uses this on forum but i've just learned it, It is written "MfG" generally, i bet i looks like funny to you :) )

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  • Even i don't understand i should watch movies, series in German, reading german forums, simple books, listening it everywhere like in car while on the way of work etc.. I need to be exposed to German more and more.

    @SoftCreatR What is common in spoken language for "see you later"? Bis bald? I knew it you would have fun with me :)

    @lycra i will learn those finishers, openers etc.. like best wishes, best regards, kind regards, huges :) etc..

  • Er ıst ja auch 'Kunde' wıe wir, darf er so ein Avatar benutzen? :D

    Never change a running system!

  • wow wonderful brother German is very good and nice language my freinds are live there and they are sharing with me the peoples out there behave you must to learn some other region langaues now days i m also try to learn about Italian and Spanish of luck for your books reading...and keep going to read books...

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