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    I would like to see the ability to pull blog articles to dashboard from any blog category, like this plugin does but built-in WBB itself: Dashboard - Show blog articles as news Blog articles should be displaying on Dashboard by default anyway, as it falls within a "Recent Activity". When new threads are created within a forum they're listed on Dashboard, whenever a member "likes" something, it shows in Dashboard, whenever there's other activity going on within the forums or profiles, it's showing on Dashboard. So same should be applied when blog articles are created as well.

    What I would also like to do, is basically turn "Dashboard" into a "news portal". Maybe show some small content blocks there, social media site feed blocks, blog articles pulled into dashboard from specific blog categories such as "Site News" and it show up there. When users come to your site, they usually arrive your landing page called "Dashboard", and it would be nice to have ability to list things there as "news". This way when users visit or come to your site, they can see snippets of important information, blog news articles, other locations on the web such as social media sites that you're involved at.

    I know WBB 4.0 is not a CMS platform of course, but it still would be nice to have ability to show blog articles and control their viewing on dashboard via ACP, as it's considered "Recent Activity". Woltlab Blog is also a main official plugin that works with the Forum software or by itself of cource, so it would be nice to have a little more extendability options.

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