Trying to code this style :D

  • Hi !

    I just downloaded from WBB version 3.0.0 of the forum and i am going to redraw the graphics of my forums for the new version.
    This is what i came up with and I am trying to understand WHERE all the CSS for everything is (i know EXACTLY in 2.3.6 but now it's all new :D ).

    I think i am going towards BIG problems as i will try and put transparent shadows in CSS and make them IE compatible...
    Ayone already used transparent PNG in IE with WBB3 and would like to share some knowledge?


  • Your Style looks really nice ;)

    The wBB3 uses a 24bit to 8bit Convertion to get png-images with alpha-transparency working on IE6 without any special hacks. For this you need Fireworks, in this Program you can save png-images to 8bit with alpha-transparency.

    There´s already a Tutorial how to optimize it (like in wBB3), but its in german: PNG8 Grafiken im IE6 gut aussehen lassen

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  • Thanx !
    I will read that (maybe with an online translator).

    But doesn't 8 bit alpha mean that you cannot do it with alpha gradients? Images slowly going from 100% opaque to 100% transparend in a gradient...

  • Fireworks can do it with gradiant (alpha-transparency) for modern Webbrowsers (Safari 2/3, Firefox 1/2/3, Opera 8/9, IE7). Only if you viewing the png-image with IE6 you can´t see the half-transparency.

    "coding styles are like assholes, everybody has one, but nobody likes anyone elses"

  • Little update.

    Trying to slice it to see what to put in Flash and what to put in DIVs... not an easy task from now on :D

  • Well of course, if anyone wants to help me coding this beast... that would be MORE than welcome :D

  • Not bad, I like that style. I hope, you post a link when it is ready, I want to see it in action ^^
    It's italian, eh?

    MfG Markus Zhang (aka RouL)

  • Thanx, i will.

    I will be coding it next week (between my day job and my girlfriend :D) and as soon as something is functioning I will post a link.

    Still have to understand how all the templates work and WHERE to find the different parts to be changed.
    Is there any tutorial in ENGLISH on the template design?