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    Not sure if this is a bug or not.

    So I upgraded from 3.1.8 to 4.0 yesterday and imported all data using the importer. It imported the ranks and groups just fine, but there are now the default ranks AND the ranks I had previously on the forums. I removed the default ones (even the admin, super mod and mod ones) and added them again, assigning the usergroup, color, etc.

    Now the problem with the groups is it had Admin, Super Mod and Mod twice. I reassigned the permissions of the staff groups I had in the previous forum and deleted the newly created ones. But I'm not shown as admin anymore, not on the Who Is Online legend, not in a post but I'm shown as admin in the team page. I checked everything and made sure that I did everything correctly.

  • After importing the board and playing with the ranks,colors,and activity point, I found half working solution.

    I deleted all the user ranks and made new ones

    First created group(System) was the highest in rank with the activity points and restricted to the system User Group

    After finishing user ranks, rebuild the users and clear the forum cache, it worked for me :)

    User online list shows no colors for online adiminstrators or some other rank users. It shows only within posts

    here is an example

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