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    I would like to share english language file bugs in this thread. This would not about a single bug so i couldn't know how to share them, anyway here is one of them..


    <item name="wcf.cli.help.exitOnFail"><![CDATA[Exists the script if an error occurs.]]></item>

    Exists should be exits. There are some of them under wcf.cli.help section.

  • Hi,

    I think you should wait untill i finish Turkish Translation, i can find more bugs. Here is another..

    Sometimes there are "e-mail" and there are also "email", i believe it should be e-mail for every string. I couldn't give you exact lines but you may search it in English File. For instance..


    <item name="wcf.user.confirmEmail"><![CDATA[Confirm Email]]></item>

  • This is the correct one


    <item name="wcf.global.button.back"><![CDATA[&laquo; Geri]]></item>

    Below can be modified for &laquo;


    <item name="wcf.global.button.next"><![CDATA[İleri »]]></item>

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    <item name="wcf.acp.package.error.noUniqueAbbrevation"><![CDATA[There is already an application installed which has the same abbrevation.]]></item>

    abbrevation should be abbreviation?

  • Quote

    <item name="wcf.acp.option.enable_html_default_value"><![CDATA[Enable HTML [default value]]]></item>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.enable_bbcodes_default_value"><![CDATA[Enable BBCodes [default value]]]>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.enable_smilies_default_value"><![CDATA[Enable smilies [default value]]]></item></item>

    Attention to brackets, they should be () instead of [], because other same purpose brackets are used like () in language file.


    <item name="wcf.acp.option.enable_benchmark.description"><![CDATA[It is strongly recommended to disable this option in productive environments.]]></item>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.enable_debug_mode.description"><![CDATA[Enables extensive error messages. Should be always disabled in production environments!]]></item>

    Productive or production? That doesn't make so much difference but i would like you to know. Do you mean "while your forums on" by saying "prodcutive environments"?

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    <item name="wcf.acp.option.import"><![CDATA[Restore Options]]></item>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.import.error.importFailed"><![CDATA[Unable to restore options.]]></item>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.import.success"><![CDATA[Options have been restored.]]></item>

    The word restore should be import. They are really different things.

  • Quote

    <item name="wcf.acp.option.register_password_must_contain_upper_case"><![CDATA[Password must container uppercase characters]]></item>

    should be contain.

  • @Alexander Ebert while i was checking i saw some more here one of them.


    <item name="wbb.post.quote.notification.mail"><![CDATA[{@$author->username} quoted one of your posts in thread "{@$userNotificationObject->getThread()->topic}" in forum "{@$userNotificationObject->getThread()->getBoard()->title|language}" zitiert:
    {link controller='Thread' object=$userNotificationObject->getThread() application='wbb' encode=false forceFrontend=true}postID={@$userNotificationObject->postID}{/link}#post{@$userNotificationObject->postID}]]></item>

  • I couldn't find the related string of "Copyright © 2001-2013 WoltLab® GmbH. All rights reserved." in English language file but it is on the ACP page of About Woltlab Community Framework tab. May be a bug?

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