Add option to restrict thread visibility to owner

  • I heard that one good guy dev simply implements that Feature.
    I mean you have the rights to create, change and do everything with the Topic, but you cant see it?
    Isnt it a Bug or something? xD

    Because how should ya edit a topic without access to it, but you have the rights? xD
    I dont need a extra option, just the bug fix, that if someone can Edit his own Topic (There is a right for that), than he can visit it. Fair enough!

  • I heard that one good guy dev simply implements that Feature. has made a addon for Burning Board 4 :) Normally, the beta will stay active for a couple of days after the release of the software to give users time for a smoothly´s just my opinion, but I think WoltLabs timetable is very good and I think Burning Board 4.1 will be released at the beginng / mid of May 2015 :)

    Sorry, if my English is bad, its not my main language.

  • I think, this is not possible, because there are much things to do (see Errors and Wishes).

    It has probably nothing to do with this Thread. Since the option won´t be implemented soon enough.
    This option is more than just onced wished, probably everyone could have a use for it.
    But its Woltlabs decision.
    There are so many things that have been made in 4.1 and will be still comming and they probably need such a ton of work to do so.
    And I never and many others won´t use that features, maybe 5-10%.

    But that Feature in this Thread can wait...
    Probably just Tweaks in CSS and a few PHP Lines to see if the Thread is yours.
    But I am not a wfc coder, sadly :D

  • Hallo,

    wie sieht es den nun aus kommt die Funktion " canReadOwnThread' ", wenn ja wann wird es soweit sein? Für unsere Foren ist dies sehr wichtig.


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