Allow moderators, supermods and admin more freedom (different posting rules)

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    what I need more and more in my forum is the possibility for moderators, supermods and admin to avoid the posting restrictions that I have set up for all the users (like 2 words minimum for a post), and have a set of rules JUST for the "forum staff".

    That applies even to PREFIXES: if a forum REQUIRES a prefix when you write a new thread, even the STAFF needs to use a prefix and that's a real bummer especially when u need to write an announcement or a sticky thread in that section, you cannot do it WITHOUT a prefix if the forum requires one, you need to write it in a different forum and then move it to the forum you originally wanted to write it into.

    So in general it would be great to have lighter forum rules for the staff, more freedom, or better just a different set of rules.

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