Hi there. [Please help with this]

  • Hello there dear community, me and some friends have been using woltlab forum for over a year now, never had any kind of issues. But like 2-3 months ago, there were some kind of "bots" registering to the webpage. Normally we have 350+ registred users. But then each day we had like 10 bots registering on forum. We had over 1350 bots/advertisers & we have no clue how to deal with this problem, i tried to delete all the bots but they keep registering, a bots name can look something like:


    And something like that.
    Their mails use to be like.

    DanielGammalo@createyourownwebpage.com & stuff.

    So if someone know, please help us with this issue, we've tried with everything possible now.

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