New here - can't seem to post anywhere...

  • Hey guys,

    Just registered on the forums as I'm having issues with a burning board forum I've just been given admin rights to. I'm trying to fix a few things on it and came here for some help.
    However, it seems I can only post in this section and the 2.x section...

    I checked my email after activating, it doesn't say I need to do anything else to get posting rights. Anyone got any ideas?

    & If you fancy helping me now, the two things I'm having issues with are:
    1. Setting another users post as Important, AFTER it is made
    2. Increasing mail box limits

  • Oh, well that kind of sucks but I can see why - You might want to make it a bit clearer though. I'll get the admin to look into my issues instead, it'd probably be easier as its only two minor things.

  • Yeah, the issue is that the original owner has some life issues which is why I came into the position in the first place. He's been away for a few months and for the forseeable future, so I'm doing day-to-day running while he's away, he doesn't have time to do things like that.

    Is there not just a simple manual somewhere I can look through? I'd rather not disturb him at all if I can help it.

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