Old Burning Board 2.0.3 Problems

  • Hello

    I still run an old forum on Burning Board 2.0.3

    Is this version compatible with the newer PHp 5.3.XX ?

    If not, any way to adjust the script to be compatible?

    Thanks and regards

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    Burning Board 2.0 is a pretty old version and is no longer officially supported; In fact any kind of support for Burning Board 2 has ended almost 2 years ago. I recommend that you upgrade to the latest version Burning Board 3.1.

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    Burning Board 3 ships with an importer, you can select it during installation, please take a look at the Burning Board Installation Instructions, Chapter 5.

    I assume that the last time you've visited our website is long time ago, please be aware that your old license is not directly available. You can follow the Instructions for Data-Transfer to regain access to your license, unless you want to buy a new license of cause ;)

  • Alexander, thanks for your reply!

    As for the data transfer, I indeed tried to follow the instructions but went nowhere....

    Anyway, I have no problem in acquiring a brand-new licence - and in this respect, I submitted a ticket - but would most likely need some help in the 'migration' from old forum to new version, and from 'old' server to new 'server'

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    Feel free to contact us by e-mail woltlab@woltlab.com if you have any trouble obtaining your old license, we would be glad to help you :) We can even support your migration, just send us an email (or in include it in the previous one) and we'll send you a quotation, the final decision is always up to you.

  • Thanks, Alexander!

    I just sent an email to the address you indicated, similar to the ticket I had submitted!


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