Free Komodo Edit for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

  • Howdy Folks:

    I downloaded the latest version of Komodo Edit yesterday from Edit. I don't know if you ever heard of it (you probably have), but I think
    it is absolutely THE BEST free programming editor available anywhere and it highlights for just about any programming language you can think
    of: HTML, PHP, CSS, SMARTY, PYTHON, BASH, PERL..... just to name a few and setting up templates is a breeze. I know it's ActiveStates way of promoting their Komodo IDE, which is
    even more impressive, but for a free editor, I haven't seen anything that comes close and it does plain text too. Oh, and it's a Canuck Company, so yes this is a shameless
    plug for a Canadian software developer, but it is an excellent editor from a reputable company and you can't beat the price. ;)

    Later, Rob

  • Eclipse > all :P

    Yes, I'm an eclipse fanboy, and it will be hard to get my away from it.

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