Forum nearly finished

  • As you can see here ( my forum is nearly finished.

    What I needed to know is: if I wanted to include some RSS feeds in the free columns below the last posts (of the right), how should I get that working with the framework?
    Do i just make a class, include it in the pages I need and then recall it from the template?

    If you want to see the modifications you can enter with: kh/knownhost (login/password). It's just a user with no posting rights.

  • Did you alter the templates to create the boxes on the right?

    If so, include a placeholder in the template so that you can fill that placeholder using an EventListener on show@IndexPage ;)

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  • Yes I altered the template, I then created a class to call the latest posts (just if you are logged in), and fillesd an empty div with a smaller tamplate that is recalled inside a placeholder.

    But I am not sure i used an Event Listener... or better, I am not sure of the name of it.

    What I did was adding a recall of my function on the index class....

    Is that the way you do it?
    It works, but you may me able to tell me a better way to do things...

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