like to know why????

  • Unfortunately, lots of people are afraid of speaking English. :(
    They surely would like to help you, but they don't trust their own English skills.
    My English is pretty bad as well. But I think it's at least understandable ...

    Demjenigen, der link ist, ist alles recht.

    Das Gute - dieser Satz steht fest - ist stets das Böse, was man lässt!

    Perfektion ist ein stummes Gut.

  • just a guess: maybe just because it's very hard to read your posts. like this one - using some more punctuation marks would make it much easier to read your questions.

    the other thing is: there is almost no english speaking community for the wbb. i started presenting my work in english and the only feedback i got was: please write your texts in german, i don't understand englisch. so i switched back to german.. there are about (just a wild guess) 2% english speaking people in the community, but there are appr. 30% people here that don't understand english but german.. sad, but that's why it will be a struggle for non-german speaking users to get into the community..

    andreas diendorfer

  • dass ist der Grund, ok werde ich google oder Babylon nutzen, um mein Englisch zu übersetzen Deutschland und
    Ich hoffe, mehr Hilfe zu holen. Ich hoffe, dass Google übersetzen gute :thumbup:

    durch die Art und Weise meine wirkliche Sprache ist hebräisch

  • hi!

    it's not perfect (the translated german..), but it can be read. keep in mind, that if you keep "english" as your profile language here, all your threads will be marked as "in english" (even if you post an google translation). many users don't even see these threads, because they have set their profile to only see german threads.

    and: if you post in german, people will also answer in german ;)


  • At the moment, when you need english help, you can write me a pn. My english is not very good, but most problems are simple. ;)

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