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  • I think you don't have to apply this plugin, just install it. But you should search on our site for plugins, because you can read the describtion then ;)

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  • Basically this is what the plug I downloaded says

    Permission Denied extended
    This plug-in adds an extended text for guests to the permissionsDenied Template and a login box.
    Where do you find the template and login box.. so it shows up on screen.. So, this be put into effect..
    Alternately this what I want to do what somebody else said when I was looking on here for plugin on permissions..well basically I don't remember what the other person said, but I want to keep certain forms away from the general public so, they can't access that and then create I guess another form so, the public can use it if they get on our site.

  • If you want to see the plugin in action, you have to log out and then type in a link, a guest can't see (e.g. the profile). There you get the login box, so you can login and have access. Without the plugin, you only would see the "Permission Denied" Message.
    But thats not what you want I think ;) You don't need a plugin to set forum permissions, just ask in the official support forum if you don't find the permissions yourself.

    Cacator cave malum! Aut si contempseris, habeas Jovem iratum!

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