Advertisement in the Header

  • Hello,

    I need some help and advice to be able to put advertisement in the Header of my forum.

    If I put the code of the code of the advertisement in the header file, I get something like that:

    What I would like is that:
    The searching box of course should still work, by clicking on the "logo" could be a shortcut to the forum index, but, of course, clicking on the ad has to send the visitor to the add website.
    I get javascript code for the advertisement, but I really don't know where to put this code to have it on the header bar.

    Any idea? :D

  • Hi,
    The code of the ad is the following:

  • Im looking for a similar solution, but instead of putting the add over the forum logo I want to put it between "Forum, members etc..." buttons and the forum title. btw im using google adsense

  • Thanks!
    I think it will be alright like that.

    By the way, do you know if it’s possible to "link" the forum with different styles?

    For example, I want to show to someone (a guest, not member of the forum) different style of the forum, and I would just be able to give him different link of the forum showing the different styles.

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