I prefer WBB because ...

  • Feeling "like at home" is how I feel. After so many years of using it. I have used most others too but....

    WBB has a unique personality and once you get used to it you don't want any other! :D


  • Yes :D

    This is one of the reasons. I think the WoltLab a company that cares for their customers. And THAT is really good :D

    Too the packagesystem and so on.

    WoltLab has many features that other software don't have ;) e.g. at phpBB. There you must always copy and paste files to use Plugins :D


    Besuche doch mal mein Forum

  • I've used many different packages. Yes, even vB4 (which sucks crap). WBB is the god of forum software. Easier to mod that even MyBB. I feel like buying a license (I'm using Lite 2, which in itself is epic.).

  • There you must always copy and paste files to use Plugins

    LOL then they are not plugins, There Hacks!

    I have used them all Myphp, phpbb, IPB, VB and I have keep this one longer then any one I have used.
    To me it seems to be more secure, you dont have near the updates as the others do and if you do have one it's only a click away! :thumbup:

  • IPB 3.1 is a good forum if you dont mind getting screwed out of your money, do the math!

    Board is $149.99
    Gallery is $69.99
    Thats a total of $219.98 :thumbdown:

    WBB 3 is Only $139.99 with Gallery included. :thumbup:

    and as YOU said, it's only close.. :whistling:

  • you don't have to buy gallery with IPB

    No you don't have to!
    but if you don't you will not have one.
    The only way to get a Gallery with IPB is to pay for it.
    Last time I looked they removed the one they had in the MOD section so they could sell the one they make.

    you don't have to buy gallery with WBB either, You get it for free!

    Don't tell me you can see the savings!
    Seems you need to brush up on your math :D

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