Modifying WBB3

  • Customize the look of wbb 3.1


    I am trying to customize the look of wbb3 but there are a lot of things, that I was used to in wbb2, that I cannot find here....

    For example... where is the setting to CENTER the title of the forum categories in the main page?
    Can I access the full CSS instead of editing it thru the editor?

    And how can I use a FLASH header for the forum?

  • Wow... 3 days and no answers!...

    It's great to have a piece of software that if you ask in Woltab forum they tell you to come here, and here you get no answers...
    Where is money going when you buy the forum software?

    No support?

    Bad, too bad.

  • Quote

    No support?

    Official support from WoltLab is only in the WoltLab Member Area and when you buy a support License.
    In the WoltLab Support Forum and WoltLab Community Forum is only a customer help customer/administrator help administrator support.

  • So why putting up a forum called Woltlab Community Forum if problems and questions are not answered?

    People at Woltlab Member forum told me to come here for style and customization questions, so you tell me it's not like that?
    I cannot come here and hope for some questions to be answered?

    I guessed a forum, an official one like this is, should exist to help customers...

  • Where do i find that declaration?

    I do not have access to the FULL css style sheet thru the online editor... I only have access to the ADDITIONAL css... so in there I cannot find the #boardlist .containerhead ....

    So can I open the full style sheet outside the forum to edit it or how can I do it?

  • Hi again.

    I am asking something easy: where do i find all css statements it I have to use the internal editor... or if I can open css files separately...
    The thing is I cannot find ALL statements in the additional CSS files I can access from the forum editor... so where do I find ALL css editable?

    I am stuck here, hope someone helps...

  • I am asking something easy: where do i find all css statements it I have to use the internal editor...

    The best way is to look into the source code in your browser. Some browsers have nice add-ons like the Firebug for Firefox to access the source code in a quicker way.

  • Maybe nowhere.
    Just add this code with the style editor.

    Oh thank you, but still no one answered my question: how and where do i find ALL CSS statements and rules that apply to the forum?

    They are not present in the editor and I am forced to use an external editor... but can I? Or are CSS rules hard wired to the framework?

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