Your community forum isn't ON %100?

  • Your community forum isn't ON %100 ?
    I mean i enter to the COMMUNITY FORUM and then Burning Board Plugins and Index page. I see (38) as mod? I think but there is just 6mod(ification) . So there isn't ON %100?

    And where(which site) i can find more mod for WBB 3.0.x? as GOOGLE MEMBER MAP etc...?

  • Pardon i means ADD ONS page...

    at left under Burning Board Plugins
    There is a link INDEX PAGE and at right we see 38 . It means there is 38 mod, non? But when i click, i see just 6-7mods.
    So this page is too bad to understand also 8|

  • You must aktivate the german content in your UserCP, than can you see all PlugIns.
    The most PlugIns are multilanguage but the Author published it only in the German content.

    • Official Post

    You can ask questions about the WoltLab-Community (WCom) in the WCom forums.It's a little funny to write about another board in this board here, don't you think? :D

    There's an off-topic forum there at the WCom also, and a feedback area, where your question here would fit perfectly.

    "Viribus Unitis"

    Harald Székely

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