• Hey there.

    Im also one of the "not so good" German speaking users so I will try to seek my help here.

    I need a portal. I had hope for, when I bought BB3, that it worked with hm_portal, but it doesnt work with the version I can find. Do anybody have a link to some nice portal for BB3, which are in english?

  • First, you can change the language of the forum in your control center. There you have two options:

    - Your own language
    - Which forums and topics would you see

    Now to your question, I know only one Portal for the wBB3 but I don't know if the developer translate it in english. But you could find the download at wBB3Mods.

  • hehe well what I ment with "no so good" in German is that most support / developer sites are in German.... <sigh> should had paid more attention in shcool.

    About the portal - man Im glad about that :D ! I'm looking into it all ready... working my way through it all. I hope I can "just" manually translate it to English

  • Oh yes, currently all big support sites for the wBB are in german. But I think the reason for this is the location of the company. When you look for the vB, developed in america, the most support sites are in english. Some time ago the big support site wBBMods was one of the biggest support sites for the wBB, but the site goes offline because in the end there was no activity.

    When you need help for translate the portal, you could ask the developer, sure.

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