error trying to convert a smf 1.1.3 forum to wbb 3

  • Hi,

    When trying to run the importer to convert from smf 1.1.3 to wbb 3 I get this error:

    Can anyone help?


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  • Hi coffeefix,

    what's the mysql-version of the mysql-server where your smf is installed (not the mysql-server where your wbb3 is installed)?
    Seems like you're version is too old (mysql 4.1.x or higher is needed).
    You could copy your smf-database to your wbb3-database and start the import from there.

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  • Thanks for the info Troublegum. :) I thought it might have been something like that. What I ended up doing is converting the smf forum to VB (I have a license that I don't use) and then converting the vb forum to wbb3. That worked. I thought about copying the database like you suggested but only after I started the vb conversion. Oh well.. forum is converted now and working which is what matters. 8)

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