vBulletin & IPB vs. WBB 2.x.x

  • Hi I have buy this 3 boards.
    I will try to make a discuss threat for what's better and why?
    (just to read reactions and frendly discussions. always fine to have more activity on this board :) )

    Both boards are easy to install.
    IPB has an easy to use warn and ban system but WBB you can easy set rights for groups. What not is intigrated on a IPB.
    WBB looks more frendly use than IPB but IPB got in that case an better mods and hacks functionallety.
    WBB is in desing almost perfeckt for a good professial look. IPB is to easy whit the desing and looks not proffesional.
    WBB is faster AND smaller (in MB). But IPB got a faster and better install.
    The most inportend thing in this case is that you can affort WBB (32$) and IPB is 100$+ to 200$+.

    In this case WBB wins in my eyes. :] The onley thing that is a pitty thing is that there is NO warn system or ban system in WBB....

    WBB VS vBulletin:
    I have vBulletin a long time but not have really the time to look to it. But my ferst thing that I want to tell is that vBulletin acp kills you whit tools, settings and has an overwelmend look. So heavy that I need mutch time to understand that. Maybe for a pro it looks better thant WBB. But I like WBB acp more.
    vBulletin got an warn and ban tool to. But I'ts very difficuld. vBulletin is not really frendly to use and very slower than WBB.

    In any case I like WBB beter than vBulletin. But like a say; if the acp wasn't so difficuld I maybe got more ore less reasens to like WBB.


    And what do you say?

  • I personally I don't like Vbb and Ipb, they are so much complicated structure of the administration panel compare to WBB ... but I like all the themes and mods they have available for both IPB and VBB.... 8) 8)

  • Quote

    Originally posted by ellusioner
    I personally I don't like Vbb and Ipb, they are so much complicated structure of the administration panel compare to WBB ... but I like all the themes and mods they have available for both IPB and VBB.... 8) 8)

    Indeed, its very easy to install mods and etc.
    The acp is very big and sometimes very confusing.
    But there are free and very usefull tools included that make it great software.
    I hope WBB3 will have the same :) AND maybe a futher wbb 2.x :/

    the gretest thing that makes them easy to use are the warn tools....

  • I think WBB wins against both options. Mainly because of their great administration panel, allowing you to setup about anything as you wish to have it. For the User CP and the use of the board itself goes exactly the same, of course, it is just easier to use for all of us.

    One further thing I like (a lot) is the way to set up the User Groups, what they are and what they are not allowed to do.

  • I don't think Burning Board 2 is as good as IPB 2 or vB 2. I really don't care for the ACP or the layout of the board. However, I have tried out Burning Board 3, and I think it has the best installation (only having to run one file, everything else is automatically set up), and the best way of working with phrases. (Where the entire language pack is located within one central location.) I still don't think the ACP is done very well, but it's still a very worthy improvement. Also, the look and layout of BB3 is also the best in the industry. It looks modern and very "Web 2.0."

    Have a good day!

  • BB3 is not that known in English market and thats one more reason to get this board so people see the difference.

    BB3 is very easy to use and you do not need to be computer expert to control most of the features.

    I have 4 IPB licences and never had trouble with IPB but its layout is so ugly. I hate it. Their fonts and colors just does not go together.. I would definately change their complete layout desing team.

    VB has better layout than IPB but every second board is running it.

    BB3 has the best layout and first 2 days of using it I was always getting impressed with colors and how well they are choosen. Because I am from Europe I know that people from Germany get jubs done to perfection, no matter what they do, thats one more reason to get this board because I kno0w in the future they will create a lot of other features.

    This board has everything that users use mostly and its very easy to use. I will be getting converting 2 of my IPB boards into this one, I hope support is quick and good as at IPB.

  • You can discuss a lot about the big forum softwares in the world. Everyone likes another software more.But now shouldn't collate the wBB2 with IPB or vB. The wBB3 is the current version what you should use for some discussions like this here.

  • I dont think much americans know bout WBB...

    Am bout to get WBB noticed though with my new site that am usin it for...a site promotion and site hosting network...

    But I do agree with you here...I wz thinkin to get vBb over this forum but I was like...too much freakin money first of all and too much settings to setup as an admin...personally although I had this once before but it wz the free version now I paid for this...am luvin it already...am still tryin to figure it out and gettin use to it and all...but is already winnin my heart over big time...wbb kicks vbb and all those other sorry ass forum software...they aint got shit on wbb!!! Am glad I spent my money on this forum script...it wz worth every red cent

  • Well I agree with everyone on how complicated vBulletin is to use. The AdminCP is horrible. You do get more control over the forum, but it takes you forever to get everything setup perfect. IP.Board is very user friendly as regards to the AdminCP and the end user experience. It's not perfect mind you, but it's a vast improvement over previous versions of IP.Board. Now here we are a WBB. I have used WBB 2.x.x. in the past for live websites, and while the features were awesome it had a huge server load, and I found that alot of US based hosts would tell me I needed to switch to something else. I will be honest I downloaded a nulled version of WBB 3 just to try out on localhost to see how well things have improved on the past. I would not dare to run it on a live site as I believe in paying for something I use. Which is why it is only accessible from my computer by myself only. Wasn't going to spend that kind of money to buy something I may or may not use. Anyways that is beside the point. I don't care much about the new redesigned AdminCP. Guess maybe it's all the years of using IP.Board. Now the front end (user side) is amazing. While it lacks in some features like quick reply and other small things the overall look and feel is the best in the business. Now this is just after playing around with it for just a few hours.

    While WBB isn't as well known in the English speaking world it is a great piece of forum software. The one thing hurting it from taking off is the lack of some built in features that other forum software has, and the lack of an English based mod/styling community. I know they had WBBmods and WBBstyles there for awhile, but there are no more. While they have the WBBmods site available as an archive there is no WBB 3.x.x mods on there. This is a huge thing especially in the English community. I know there are German sites that offer mods and styles, but not all of us knows German and can translate images and things such as that to get the mods and or styles to work on our English based sites.

    If Woltlab made more of an effort to offer and support to the English community as they do to the German community then I think that WBB 3.x.x would have a larger market share in the world of discussion forum software. Like I said I have used just about all of the popular ones out there, and have ran some pretty decent sized sites on all of them WBB lacks where the others are gaining. If they could figure out a way to bridge that gap then WBB would be more widely known not just in the German community but the English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc communities like IP.Board, vBulletin, UBB, etc are.

    In conclusion I think WBB has the potential to be one of the greats, just lacks in the areas where it's needed. I know Woltlab is a German company, but (not going on stats or anything) a large percentage of online forums are English speaking. With the invention of free forum hosting and things like that. Woltlab needs to step up to the plate and deliver. They have a great product, but had been riding the bench for several years making the league minium, where they have the potential to step up and deliver a grand slam (American baseball analogy for those that watch or know baseball).

  • WBB3 is translated into English and some other languages and the plugins from wbb3mods.de are available in english. Well, most of them, I think;) There will be a community by WoltLab (sometimes referred to as the "WC";)). I dare say it'll be available in English, too.

  • Well that is all well and good. I am aware they have been talking about that for a while, and when they finally do "go live" with it then that might be the push that Woltlab needs to be a real contender in the market. I am not bashing WBB by any means. It is a great piece of software, and I have always loved using WBB. Just stating that to really make it you need those little extras.

  • I has much time working with systems of forums.
    I know almost all of them!

    PHPBB, MyBB, PunBB, IPB, WBB and many others...

    All they have positive points, for example the PHPBB (more using in the world), without no modification it is very simple, it does not have many native functions, however exist some sites that distribute millions of modifications for it.

    This aid very, makes with you adapte forum to your necessities.

    If we will be to analyze performance and layout WBB is millions of years ahead!

    Besides being useful and very fast!
    Although have, in some cases, few resources (but this goes to change).
    The administration panel is surprisingly simple and powerful, you can configure many functions …

    Perhaps the only defect, if is that I can say defect, of WBB is "hide" the Panel of Moderation of the Profile inside of the users … It would be very better if link was as link of the Panel of Administration.

    Good, summarizing, WBB is the best system of all … Competition does not exist …

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

    Help translate Woltlab: I'm in!

  • WoltLab wants to strengthen their support of other languages. There will be a multilingual platform, just as Oberster Hirte said. (But I prefer to call it "WCom" ;): http://woltlab.de/products/burning_board/454_en.php)

    Perhaps the only defect, if is that I can say defect, of WBB is "hide" the Panel of Moderation of the Profile inside of the users … It would be very better if link was as link of the Panel of Administration.

    WoltLab announced something like the attached image (which is a screenshot of my very buggy plugin) for WBB 3.1, at least they did a year ago ;).

    (at least the prefix of the following topic implies that: [planned] moderation neben administration im header)

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