7 Ways How A Dark Theme Will Help Your Forum

A forum is all about sharing information. It could be a group of experts serving a wider audience or a company providing support to its customers or a group of like minded people gathering together on the internet.

The idea is to give the end users something useful. Administrators often spend a lot of time improving this act. For a forum to be successful, you need to make sure that people spend enough time on the platform.

Can a dark theme actually help administrators do that? Let’s take a look.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is definitely a factor that affects user engagement. Dark themes are proven to be light on the eyes. We have seen Microsoft, Apple and Google adding dark themes to their flagship Windows, iPhone / Mac and Android.

Dark themes effectively reduce blue light that can interrupt your sleep. Dark themes are lighter on laptop batteries and hence save power. The more backup they have the more time they spend on your forum.

Better Adoption

One is good, two is better. Give them reasons to love you. Dark themes help you gather a bigger crowd. People who love to use dark themes will choose your community over the competition. Adding a dark theme will help you keep members who like it that way. They stay because they have an option that they like and want to use. If a dark theme keeps them happy and comfortable, that is a few extra regulars without additional effort.

Improved Screen Time

A dark theme not only helps reduce bounce rate (which is an important factor in SEO) but also helps you make visitors spend more time on your forum. They stay and spend more time exploring your forum and features, reading trending content, latest news and more. This happens mainly because of the ability of the dark theme to keep their eyes fresher for a longer period of time compared to bright themes.

Dark themes are known to keep the eyes cool even when the user is having a bad pose or is too close to the display.

With a dark theme, your content is more on focus and prompts users to read more and come back if they like it. It also helps in improving the social media share rate bringing new customers to your forum.

Better Readability

Dark mode helps you design simple layouts where content is the primary area of focus. Considering all the flashy items are hidden, the users’ eyes are better focused on what you have to offer. It prompts them to read more without distractions.

Dark mode also ensures that there is minimal wavering of attention while a visitor is on your forum. There is a better focus on deliverable content and improved attention span.

Device Dark Mode

What if a user switches to dark mode on his device and your forum remains bright and loud? There is a good chance that it is not going to send a good message in 2024. Every device that counts comes with a dark mode and expect websites to honour it. Even though browsers already provide dark themes, unless the website natively supports dark mode, the readability factor will be horrible.

That is why it is important to choose a forum software that offers a dark theme by default. A natively integrated dark theme can work well with the dark modes of the devices and blend in.

Gives a Message

The success of a community is highly dependent on your members. When you add a dark theme, you are sending a strong message that you care. You care for your members, you care for their health, you care for their wellbeing.

That is a strong message in today’s world. Commitment to the community is a positive factor and people recognise it. They will respect you for that and it is a good way to build fandom on the very competitive space called the internet.

At no Extra Cost

Dark or not, a custom theme is not cheap. Even though there are multiple benefits of using a dark theme like better user engagement, retention, interaction, and improved SEO, they might not even exist in your CMS.

If you are ready for what the internet is in 2024, make sure that the forum software you use is offering a natively integrated dark theme. It is ok even if you pay for it.

With a forum software and CMS solution like WoltLab Suite 6.0 you can get a built-in dark theme without paying extra. It really helps when it syncs with the default theme and layout. Both are essential metrics when you consider the SEO and your ranking in Google.

Additionally, you get to save a considerable amount as there is no need for you to buy one on your own.

Comments 2

It sure would be nice to see an easy built in toggle in the user control panel or other location that would allow everyone to toggle quickly between light and dark without looking for the option in the user menus. Thanks!

The default setting is that it detects the browser preference and adapts to it. This also means that it will always follow whatever your browser instructs it, including dynamic changes to the color theme as set up in your operating system. This even works without having to reload the page, it will be applied immediately.