New Features in WoltLab Suite 6.1: Comparison of Post Versions

The comparison of post versions allows you to track changes to the post text precisely and also undo unwanted changes. The source text of the two versions is compared with each other and differences are highlighted in color.

The previous option of comparing different versions of posts dates back to a time when only BBCodes were used for formatting posts. With the change from BBCodes to HTML for formatting, the source code comparison of complex formatted posts became less useful. With WoltLab Suite 6.1, we have completely overhauled this system and can now also offer the option of making the comparison based on the rendered version in the browser. This makes it much easier to recognize changes to text passages in particular.

Comparison of two post versions

The source text comparison is still available as an alternative option and has also been updated. The color highlighting of differences has been improved and the result is based on the proper semantic element to further improve accessibility.

Comparison of two post versions (source code view)

Last but not least, there is a small quality of life improvement that makes using this function a little more convenient. When accessing the comparison page, the differences to the previous version are now displayed directly by default, instead of the user having to manually select a version first.