New Features in WoltLab Suite 6.0: First Time Setup, Simplified Package Management and Elasticsearch

Initial Setup After Installation

After the installation is complete, a quick setup wizard starts, which prompts you for the most important settings. In the course of the wizard, the voluntary input of license details is provided, which performs a check for the correctness of the details and automatically stores the appropriate authentication code for the package servers. The same process is now also found when editing the official package servers, which, in addition to removing the license data, also allows it to be replaced.

Finally, the setup wizard offers a collection of useful resources for further steps, such as the installation of purchased packages or the official manual. The offered installation of packages is based on the newly created “Licensed Products” page and facilitates the installation of WoltLab products as well as acquired packages from the official Plugin-Store.


Simplified Installation of Purchased Products

Starting with WoltLab Suite 6.0, the new “Licensed Products” page is available, which lists all purchased WoltLab products as well as purchases made in the Plugin-Store and offers them for installation. Based on the saved license data, the installation can be done directly, automatically installing the compatible version of the purchased product.



Better Results When Searching in Subsections

Another improvement is the direct filtering when searching in specific subsections. The search function works as follows for both MySQL and Elasticsearch:

  • The first step is a search based on the search terms, time as well as the author. The results are limited to the 2,500 best hits for performance reasons.
  • The second step applies the selected filters to this result, for example limiting results to a specific subforum.

In the case of very general terms with a large number of hits and a section with relatively little content, it could previously happen that not all possible hits were included in the result because they were not included in the first step. With WoltLab Suite 6.0 we have extended the search index of Elasticsearch with the possibility of an additional “context”, which makes it possible to apply typical filters like the search in sub-areas, already in the first step.

Processing of Technical Identifiers

The search function based on Elasticsearch/OpenSearch has been improved and extended with additional filter options. A limitation of the existing search is that it is designed for natural language and cannot take into account the concept of a technical identifier. For example, this results in a search for “www” returning a hit when specifying, but not for “woltlab” because the domain is interpreted as a term.

The revised Elasticsearch integration of WoltLab Suite 6.0 has been extended with an additional processing step that, for example, splits domains based on the dot into individual terms that can be found by the search function.

Re-Authentication Using WebAuthn

Some areas in the interface require a renewed authentication of the user from time to time, for example the access to the admin panel. In addition to the existing confirmation by entering the password, as of WoltLab Suite 6.0 a previously set up multi-factor authentication using WebAuthn can also be used for re-authentication. The alternative option to use the password remains unchanged and is still optionally available.


Attachments for CMS Articles

Up until now, images and other files could only be included in CMS articles via the media system. This works well for files that you want to use multiple times in different places. For files that should only be available in a specific article, we add the possibility to upload file attachments.