New Features in WoltLab Gallery 2.1: The Road to Great Images

Limiting Access on Albums

Each album has an independent permission setting to limit the visibility and accessibility of the album and its contained images. The owner has the free choice to pick whatever access restriction is suitable for an album, e.g. hiding the images from guests or limiting access to users he/she is following. Please be aware that there is a moderator permission which overrules this setting for administrative purposes.

Add Tags or Markings on Images

Owners can tag other users or add remarks on images wherever suitable. Typical use cases are images with multiple other forum users shown on them or adding further details and explanations on specific details. In addition it is possible to search for images that have been marked by a user.

Easier and more Powerful Upload

Uploading multiple images at once is now even easier: Each input field can be automatically mirrored on all other images, speeding up common settings like albums or categories. Optionally the original filename can be used as the image title.

The description now features the full WYSIWYG editor along with the ability to tag users.

Uploaded images can be rotated by 90°, 180° and 270° which is especially important for uploads from smartphones and tablets without requiring manual editing on a desktop computer.

We've added the ability to mark multiple images and perform certain editing tasks on them, for instance it can be used to change the category assignments for all selected images at once.

Change Show Order of Images

Albums used to display the contained images in the chronological order, which required the owner to pay attention during upload. The Gallery now features a separate editing page for albums, allowing users to change the show order by simply utilizing drag & drop to freely arrange them. For better handling of large albums only thumbnails are shown to utilize the available space better.