New Features in Burning Board 4.1: Ads

The example shows some of the possible ad locations, for example the global position above the navigation or next to your site logo. In addition to these global placeholders, there are some more specific ones, for example Burning Board 4.1 offers you to place an ad within (or after) the first post and ads every X posts (2, 3, 5 and 10). All you need to do is to grab the HTML code provided by ad providers and paste it into the ad input field. You can now chose where the ad should be displayed and optionally bind it to conditions, such as disabling them for a premium usergroup or your staff:

Combined with the ability to limit display based upon the time and by user language, you can target different target audiences and provide them with the most suitable ads to increase the effectiveness and revenue. The tabs Contents and Personal Data provide an even more fine-grained targeting of users. It is worth noting that the conditions are only evaluated internally to decide what ad to display and are not transmitted to any 3rd party, preserving the data privacy of your users.

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