New Features in Burning Board 4.1: Conversation Improvements

The system allows editing of existing messages, which is great when it comes to typos, but also raises concerns when it comes to the reliability of written messages. With Burning Board 4.1 we'll introduce two different aspects which grant more control over message editing. First of all there will be a user group-based permission to either grant or revoke the privileges of conversation message editing, allowing you to grant this only for trustworthy members. In addition there will be a small noticed displayed clearly stating that a message has been edited and may not reflect the original content:

Participants can leave a conversation at any time, possibly causing conversations to be left with only a single participant. Whenever this is the case, a small warning will be displayed to point this out:

In terms of usability we're adding three more things which should help you to manage and use conversations a bit better.

You can now mark multiple conversations to mark them all as read at once:

Return of the message numbers in the upper right corner of each message:

Last but not least, the folder list provides more details on the number of conversations logically belonging to each folder:

Comments 2

  • Nice. I like these small enhancements here and it really does go a long way to help the overall use of the conversation system. It is not something I use too much but it should help with others.

  • Side note: It would be really nice if when you clicked on, full screen image, that it loaded in a different tab and not the current window. Can't tell you how many times I end up X`ing out the window, forgetting I need to press the back button.