Burning Board®

Burning Board® is the key to build up and run a successful community. The 4th generation of our established forum software provides an excellent user experiences using the best available technologies. Our structured and efficient administration control panel allows you to manage even the largest communities without great effort and technical knowledge. Benefit from our decades of experience and rely on quality Made in Germany.

System Requirements: PHP 5.3.2+, MySQL 5.1.17+ (Details)



Do not miss any important events in your community. Every user can individually decide wether they want to be informed of events, e.g. replies on conversations or posts in subscribed content. You can also chose to be additionally notified by email, either instantly or combined in a daily summary.

Visual Customization

The design is crucial for the recognition value and accentuates the topic of your website. Easily create professional designs with only a handful of color settings. Our software automatically derives the appropriate color gradation and shades.

Recent Activities

Successful communities combine content and interactions between their users. The Recent Activities guide your users to the latest content and important developements within your community, raising the activity and connection between each other. In addition, each user can set a filter, that only the activities of users are displayed whom he follows.

Awesome Quotes

There is nothing more annoying than to quote several passages? Then we have good news for you: We have made the quoting for pleasure. Our quote system provides everything you need, quote an entire post or just parts of it: Simply select the part and quote it! You can manage and insert the stored quotes everywhere, for example in other threads or blog articles.

More Features

Search Engine Optimization

All our products feature a well-formed and semantic source code, increasing the effectiveness of search engines and significantly improving your site’s ranking. Search engine-friendly URLs and HTML5 microdata help your website to gain momentum and maintain the high ranking.

Facebook Integration

Your users are already member of Facebook or Twitter? Allow them to register and connect with their accounts. Furthermore users can easily share your content on social networks to maximize the audience of your content.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our products make use of your browser’s full potential, HTML5 and CSS3 allow you to run a modern and stunning website.
The software is fully responsible and adapts to the used device (PC, smartphone or tablets), maximizing the user experience.


The entire user interface is based upon our language system, it allows you to modify every phrase and to provide multiple languages.
User-generated content may be assigned to a specific language, allowing different languages to be used in a single community.

Extensible with Plugins

Extending and customizing your community is always just a single mouse-click away. Enjoy our Plugin-Store with over 1.000 different extensions available.

First-class Security

Security matters! Blowfish-encryption for passwords, Security-Tokens to prevent CSRF-attacks and immunity against SQL injections through Prepared Statements. Just to mention some of our efforts for your safety.

Against Spam

Spam is a common nuisance and frustrates both the administrators and members of a community. We’re facing this problem with Recaptcha, a built-in honeypot and by adding rel="nofollow" to all external links, rendering spam pointless.

Import From Other Systems

You already run a forum and wish to use our software instead? Make use of our importers to move the existing content into our software within a short time. (Details)