Conversation to all users 5.5.1

Allows conversations to be sent to all users or specific user groups.

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This plugin allows the site owner to send conversations to all (or selected) users directly from the ACP.

Functions at a glance

  • Send conversations to all users
  • Send conversations to group members
  • Setting filter conditions (registration date, last activity, language)
  • Additional settings (personal individual conversations, group conversations, closed conversations...)


  • Messages ➜ Conversations ➜ Default user for mass conversations
    The ID of the user who is used by default as the sender for "Conversation to all users".
  • Messages ➜ Conversations ➜ Maximum number of users in group chat (conversation to all users).
    Specifies how many users per group are included in a bulk conversation. A lower value creates more conversations with fewer participants. A higher value creates fewer conversations with more participants. This setting only applies to the "Few conversations in groups" option.
  • Messages ➜ Conversations ➜ Days after mass conversations are deleted.
    To reduce the load on the database, it is advisable to remove mass conversations from the system from time to time. Mass conversations older than the specified days are deleted. Press.


  • Funktioniert wie gewünscht!

    Das Plugin ist weitgehend selbsterklärend und macht genau das, was es soll :thumbup:

    Die Filteroptionen sind gut gewählt und ohne, dass das Plugin dadurch unnötig aufgebläht wird.

    Reply from Darkwood.Design ():

    Besten Dank für die nette Rezension und viel Spaß mit dem Plugin. :)

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