WoltLab Cloud Mastodon Push: Article 1.0.0

Creates a post in your Mastodon account when a new article is published.


  1. Go to the settings of your Mastodon account.
  2. Click on Development.
  3. Click on New Application.
  4. Give your application a name and check the write:statuses box.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Click on the created application.
  7. Copy your access token.
  8. Go to the ACP under Configuration > CMS > Articles
  9. At Mastodon-Url enter the URL to your Mastodon instance.
  10. Enter the copied access token in Mastodon access token.
  11. Click on Submit.
  12. Edit an article category and activate "Push category to Mastodon".


Support is only available in the support forum, the discord or in the Fediverse.

What happens after the purchase?

Create a user account on hanashi.dev. In your settings, go to Activate purchases. And enter your API information from the API Access page. Now click Submit. You have now activated access to the support forum.


  • Version 1.0.0