WoltLab Cloud BBCode: Unix-Timestamp 1.1.0

This BBCode allows displaying time points depending on a user's time zone and language.

Do you want to display time information as accurately as possible for your visitors? With this plugin you can insert time points until the year 2038 in the form of a Unix-Timestamp into your content, which will be output according to a user's time zone and language preference. This way you can be sure that everyone can see the time in their own time zone and language.

The time is displayed in the visitor's time zone, or in the time zone specified by the user. The user's time zone can be set individually in the user settings.


If you want to include a point in time in your content, you need the corresponding Unix-Timestamp, which you can access, for example, via services like this one. You can then use the BBCode as follows:



You can also customize the date and/or time format. For how this works, see documentations like this one. Note that the output is always based on the %DATE%, %TIME% format. You can use the value default to use the default date or time format.

[unixtime='1663334124','j. F Y'][/unixtime] 16. September 2022, 15:15:24
[unixtime='1663334124','j. F Y','H:i:s A'][/unixtime] 16. September 2022, 15:15:24 PM
[unixtime='1663334124','default','H:i:s A'][/unixtime] Friday, 16. September 2022, 15:15:24 PM
[unixtime='1663334124','j. F Y','default'][/unixtime] 16. September 2022, 15:15:24

You can also place an icon in front of the time if the content supports HTML output.


[unixtime='1663334124','j. F Y','H:i:s A e','fa-clock-o'][/unixtime]

The order of possible attributes is always:



If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments section of the plugin.

  • Version 1.1.0


    • The date and time format can now be set individually
    • An icon can now optionally be placed in front of the output (requires HTML output)

    Examples and instructions for the new attributes can be found in the description.

  • Version 1.0.0

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