WoltLab Cloud (ACP) Save Sort Order 5.4.1

Saves the last used sort order for sortable lists in the ACP.

If there's one thing that has always bothered me personally, it's the default sort order in the administration area. Because whatever you do, the preferred sorting is gone again the next time you call it.

A less update-safe and messy way is to set a new sort order via the corresponding PHP files. For the moment, this can certainly save your nerves, but in the long run, this can also become annoying.

This does not have to be!

With our extension "Save Sort Order" for WoltLab Suite, sort orders in the administration area are persisted for each user individually, i.e. each administrator or user with appropriate rights can permanently save his personal preferences for sorting each individual table in the administration area with the help of this extension. There are no settings or the like for this. The extension works completely independently from the time of installation.

  • Version 5.4.1


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