WoltLab Cloud Advent Calendar 5.5.7

An extremely customizable advent calendar for your community that leaves little to be desired.

This extension is only compatible with WoltLab Suite 5.5. Versions for WoltLab Suite 3.0 up to and including 5.4 can be found here.

Christmas is coming and you want to offer your users a real added value? This extension will help you to do so!

The Advent Calendar for WoltLab Suite 3 and newer impresses with a multitude of configuration and individualization options.

The integrated, intuitively designed administration interface allows you to customize and individualize your community advent calendar almost completely to your and your users' needs. The end result is something absolutely unique that you and your users can enjoy until the end of the Christmas season.

No matter whether poems, Christmas stories, coupons, pictures, ..... Even raffles could be implemented. There are hardly any limits to your imagination.

What can this calendar, which like extensions can not?

The relatively short development time of the already known Advent calendar extension (see here) has made it almost impossible to respond to wishes of community operators and users. Thus, the old version of this extension offers almost no setting and customization options. This should change with the new development and it has. Over the past years since the release of the first version, many suggestions have been collected, which have now been implemented to the best of our knowledge and belief.

These suggestions include display- or simple design options for the calendar, extended group permission settings, extended or simplified individualization options for individual calendar doors, and much more.

For example, the built-in WYSIWYG editor will help you easily create content, and the included options for color schemes, as well as numerous settings options to control the general functioning of the Advent calendar, will help you make this feature your own personal gift to your users.

What's the deal with this priority to be, where you can assign a value in the ACP?

Unlike alternative products, this Advent calendar extension offers you not only the possibility to hide a surprise behind the individual doors for each day. With this extension, you get the possibility to store as many surprises as you want for each day, whose allocation you can influence with the help of the integrated priority system. You can set the priority for each individual entry. In combination with the limitation system, you can, for example, distribute higher-value surprises that are not intended to be given to each individual user of the Advent calendar.

Can I see who has when each door opened? If yes, where?

The administration area can be found under System -> Log menu item Advent. There all activities are listed with all relevant information.

Can guests use the advent calendar?

Since version 1.3 of this extension, guests can use the advent calendar, too.

What's next after my purchase?

After you have purchased and paid for the product at WoltLab, you should register for the support area in our support forum. To do this, visit https://activate.softcreatr.com, if you have not already done so, complete the registration and activate your license. After successful activation, you will get access to the support area of this extension as well as access to the "Fast Lane Service", with the help of which you can get new versions even before activation here in the plugin store.


Below you will find a few screenshots to get a small impression of what you can look forward to.


  • Version 5.5.7

    The user's time zone should now be used as intended if the option of the same name is activated. If this is deactivated, the time zone defined in the system settings of the WSC should now be used as intended.

  • Version 5.5.6

    Cronjob error fixed

  • Version 5.5.5

    Added new option "One page per day":

    When enabled, each day is displayed on a separate page in the administration area. This can be useful if you have a very large number of entries in total and browser performance is severely affected as a result.

  • Version 5.5.4

    An error has been fixed that led to the fact that included media files were not displayed.

    To fix the problem in an already running installation, it is necessary to save the affected doors/contents again.

  • Version 5.5.2

    Small code optimizations

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