WoltLab Cloud Game Server Viewer 1.5.2

Display the status and information about game servers for a variety of games on your website that are automatically queried. A handful of extensions are available for the Game Server Viewer, which include numerous features and support for dozens of games.

Game Server List

By means of the list, you and your users always keep an eye on your game servers. You can set individually for each game server which automatically queried information should be displayed.

Game Server Detail View

The detailed view of a game server offers the possibility to display further automatically queried information, such as the player list. Furthermore, users can comment on game servers if you want to give them this option. The "Join Server" button completes the user experience by allowing the player to join the game server directly with one click!

Game Server Box

To focus on specific game servers, you can use the proven box system to create one or more system boxes for game servers and include them on selected pages. Here, too, you have full control over which automatically queried information and whether the "Join Server" button should be displayed.

Management of Game Servers in the Administration Control Panel (ACP)

The administration of the game servers takes place in the administration interface. There you can configure general options, create game server categories, add game servers and manage game server boxes. When managing game servers, additional options may be available depending on the game.

General Options and User Group Permissions

Besides game server-related options, you can make some adjustments to general options:

  • Number of game servers to be updated per cronjob execution
  • Displayed game servers per page
  • Activation of the game server comments
  • Activation of manual sorting of game servers
  • View (list/tile view)

In addition, you can use the user group permissions to control which users should be able to, for example, view game servers, create game server comments, moderate game server comments, or manage game servers in the administration control panel.


The Game Server Viewer can only be used for games that are explicitly supported. The main Game Server Viewer package (standard scope) does not add any games, but provides an interface for developers to program their own game packs for the Game Server Viewer. However, to get you started right away, you can purchase one of the following game packs from Krymo Software, which cover most of the popular games:

Game Server Management in the User Interface

If you want to allow your users to create and manage their own game servers without giving them access to the administration control panel, you can purchase the Game Server Viewer: Frontend extension. Realize your own public game server list. Using user group permissions you can control which users are allowed to create game servers and at the same time set a maximum number of game servers for them.

Visible copyright notice

A copyright notice is displayed at the bottom of Game Server Viewer pages. With the extension Game Server Viewer: Branding-Free this copyright notice can and may be removed.


  • You must have WoltLab Suite™ Core 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 installed.
  • You must not have installed the plugin Gameserver Viewer by NetzLife / MY-WSC.de because of a technical incompatibility.
  • You must install at least one Game Server Viewer: Game Pack after installation, as the main Game Server Viewer package does not add any games.

Installation and initial setup

Install the package provided after purchase. Afterwards, the various options and permissions in the administration control panel (ACP) and the game server list are available.

After purchasing in the Plugin-Store of WoltLab

You can register at Krymo Software and link your created account with your WoltLab account, so that you will be automatically granted access to the product support within few minutes.

Extensions for the Game Server Viewer

Please note that the games shown in the product images are not part of this extension, but the corresponding game packs must be purchased.


  • Version 1.5.2

    Notable Changes

    • The processing of monolingual descriptions did not work correctly.
  • Version 1.5.1

    Notable Changes

    • The included developer package dev.hanashi.wsc.wysiwyg-i18n-form has been updated to version 1.0.1.
    • The package eu.netzlife.wcf.gameserver has been marked as incompatible.
    • The status of a game server is now queried once during creation immediately independently of the cronjob, so that you can immediately see from the status whether the entered data was correct.
    • The sorting by status had been broken in the game server list in the administration control panel.
    • Attachments from the game server description were not displayed on the game server page under certain circumstances. They are now always displayed directly below the game server description.
    • Embedded objects in the game server description (for example, attachments or certain BBCodes) were not processed under certain circumstances and accordingly not displayed correctly.
    • When a game server had been deleted, corresponding attachments were not deleted.
    • When a game server had been deleted, references to embedded objects were not deleted.
    • When a game server had been deleted, metadata about the comments was not deleted.
    • When a game server had multilingual content and the game server was deleted, the language items for the multilingual content were not deleted.

    Important note: The templates boxGameServerViewer and gameServerViewerServer have been updated. If you have made adjustments to these templates, you must check your customized templates for changes and update them if necessary.

  • Version 1.5.0

    Notable Changes

    • Adjustments have been made due to the acquisition of the Game Server Viewer product line by Krymo Software.
    • The dependency on the developer package dev.tkirch.wsc.conditions has been removed. The package can now be safely uninstalled if uninstallation is possible.
    • A game server debug mode has been added to investigate query problems. This can be enabled in the options in case of problems to log query errors.
    • The contents of the language items have been revised.
    • The PHP source code has been revised.
    • The templates have been revised.
    • The manual sorting of game servers had been completely broken and has therefore been completely reworked.
    • It was not possible to remove all display parameters from game servers after at least one parameter was set.
    • A fatal error occurred on pages where the game server box was displayed if no game server had been selected.
    • A fatal error occurred on the game server page for specific games under certain circumstances.

    Important note: The templates __gameServerViewerCopyright, boxGameServerViewer, gameServerViewerServer and gameServerViewerServerList have been updated. If you have made adjustments to these templates, you must check your customized templates for changes and update them if necessary.

  • Version 1.4.2

    fix: servers with multilingual name cannot be added

    fix: multilingual host aliases are not displayed correctly

    fix: multilingual server names are not displayed correctly

  • Version 1.4.1

    fix: mobile tile view

    fix: separator line is displayed at second last server in tile view

  • Version 1.4.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Show hint if no game package is installed.

    feat: add tile view

    fix: players are not displayed

    fix: banner is not shown if there is space in filename

  • Version 1.3.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Improve the display of status badges

    feat: Add multilingualism to servers

    feat: Categories (optional)

    feat: Filter function for the selectable games in the form

    feat: use WYSIWYG editor for description

    feat: ACP server filter

    feat: add GameSelectOptionType

    fix: defaultValue of ports

    fix: language variable canAddCommentWithoutModeration missing

    fix: error in copyright if $__wcf->getActivePage() is not an object

  • Version 1.2.4

    fix: "Join server" is displayed for offline servers

  • Version 1.2.3

    fix: server cannot be updated if no options are set

  • Version 1.2.0

    Announcement on TKirch.dev


    feat: Server option: Queryport

    feat: Server: Optional form fields per server

    feat: Individual displays

    fix: Template update instruction missing

  • Hallo, gibt es noch Support? Ich habe zwei Fehler, nach dem Kauf.

    Erstens lassen sich die Server nicht manuell Ordnen und auch die Reihenfolge, nach welcher man die Server angelegt hat, stimmen nicht, das nervt. Außerdem werden hier teilweise Trennungslinien nicht angezeigt, was unschön ist.

    Hier ein Link zum Bild, dort habe ich gegenzeichnet, was ich meine.

    Bild hier <----

    Würde mich über eine baldige Rückmeldung sehr Freuen.


    • Hallo,

      Support gibt es derzeit nur auf meiner Webseite.

      Beste Grüße


    • Hallo, dann wäre es aber auch mal nett, wenn mein Beitrag überhaupt mal freigeschaltet werden würde.

      Vielen Dank

    • Hallo,

      du solltest dich ggf. erst einmal als Kunde ausweisen (den Hinweis dazu kann man eigentlich nicht übersehen). Dann hast du auch Zugriff zum Supportforum. Auf Supportanfragen von nicht verifizierten Kunden wird prinzipiell nicht reagiert.

      Beste Grüße


    • Egal, ist nun so. Habe das nun gemacht und werde dann dort einen Beitrag erneut erstellen.



      Like 1
  • Hey leider wird bei mir der Server beitreten button nicht angezeigt obwohl es aktiviert ist und server online

  • Hallo,

    Werden Ark nicht unterstützt?
    Weil die Server immer offline sind bei mir...

    Oder muss ich die Ports sowie IP beim Anbieter freigeben?

  • Hey,

    wird FiveM unterstützt?


    • Hallo,

      schau dir mal folgendes Spielepaket an:


      In der verlinkten Liste der unterstützen Spiele findest du dann auch FiveM.

      Beste Grüße


    • Hey,

      Seite wurde leider nicht gefunden ^^


    • In der Vorschau klappt es interessanterweise (ist ggf. derzeit ein Bug). Schau sonst einfach in die Beschreibung von diesem Produkt, dort sind alle Spielepakete verlinkt.

  • Hello, is there a list of available game server we can use by default? thanks ! :)

    • Hello,

      by default, there are no game servers that are supported. You need so-called "game packages". These are linked in the description and also contain a list of the supported games.

      Best regards


    • Hello,

      Thanks for the informations !

      Like 1
  • Ist Valheim verfügbar ?

  • Gibt es sowas wie ein Discord für support, oder wo währe der Support, habe ein Problem.

    • Hallo,

      Support gibt es auf meiner Webseite. Zudem habe ich auch einen Discord-Server, allerdings ist dies nur ein optionales Angebot welches derzeit von mir auch nicht aktiv gepflegt wird.

      Beste Grüße


  • Guten Tag TitusK :D ,

    habe folgendes Problem das meine Gameserver als offline angezeigt werden obwohl diese online sind.
    Ich würde dies gern als Support anfrage über deine Website stellen aber ich habe leider über die zeit die kompletten Daten zu dem Account vergessen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    • Hallo,

      kennst du den noch deine E-Mail Adresse?

      Support werde ich dir hier leider nicht geben können.



    • nein leider komplett nicht mehr deshalb hatte ich mich neu bei dir neu registriert aber wusst enicht da ich bereits mein woltlab account mit dem anderen verknüpft habe.


    • wäre nett wenn wir vielleicht eine konversation führen konnten um dies schnell zu beheben?

  • unterstützt der Gameserver viewver auch quake basierte engine spiele wie soldier of fortune 2?

  • Geht das auch für PS4 ?

    Beispiel weiße DayZ

    • Derzeit gibt es kein Spielepaket, welches PlayStation Spiele unterstützt.

      Wenn diese Spiele allerdings eine API besitzen, könnte man theoretisch diese implementieren.

    • hmm ok, eig gibt es schon für dayz spiele server, da ich selbst ein habe bzw 2

      Ich hab DayZ Game server mit einer IP, Nitrado zumindest

    • Ich starte mal eine Konversation mit dir, dann können wir es testen.

    • Sorry das ich jetzt erschau, zutun gehabt ^^

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