WoltLab Cloud TinyImg 5 5.7.12

This file is no longer available for purchase.

Scales and compresses uploaded image files.

This extension is compatible with WoltLab Suite Core 5.2 and newer. For WoltLab Suite 3.0 and 3.1, check this out.

Too many attached, big images can cause a lot of trouble in active communities. Hardly any user bothers to scale images before uploading to a "reasonable" size, let alone to compress the image files before uploading. Finally resulting in huge backups of gigabytes and (especially for mobile devices) unnecessarily high load times (for example, when calling topics in forum).

In the past, we've got the problem under control by some pretty good approaches. First and foremost the (no longer available) extension "Attachment Scaling" by DevLabor and not to forget our (also no longer available) TinyImg extension of the first generation.

Now, we've combined all the benefits of both extensions in one package and added a variety of new features to give you, as a community operator, maximum flexibility in scaling, converting, and compressing attachments of images. The result is our second-generation TinyImg extension.

Below you will find a list of all functions:

Propotional scaling of image files to defined maximum dimensions
Server-side scaling
File renaming
Text watermark
Image watermark
Recovery & Postprocessing from the Attachment Overview in ACP
Cronjob for postprocessing already uploaded image files
"Task" for postprocessing already uploaded image files ("refreshing the display")
Conversion of HEIF/HEIC files
Conversion of WebP files
Conversion of BMP files
Removing EXIF data from JPEG files
Compression of JPEG files using external and locally installed tools
Compression of PNG files using external and locally installed tools
Compression of GIF files using external and locally installed tools

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the potential savings when using scaling and compression?

A: This can not be answered in general because the performance depends on a large number of factors. However, with scaling and compression enabled, it's possible to save over 90% of the original file size, because cell phone cameras are getting better and better and producing higher-resolution images. In one of the largest communities we maintain, with an average of 1,100 posts per day and over 100 image attachments a day, using TinyImg saved over 80% of the data volume generated by image files. In our support forum, however, 1,568 uploaded image files with a total size of 209.23 megabytes saved exactly 64.94% (135.87 megabytes).

Q: Are images scaled up that are too small?

A: No.

Q: For watermarks of type "text", can I insert the username of the user who uploaded the image?

A: Yes, this is easily possible by using {$username}. Other wildcards are currently not supported.

Q: What happens by activating the backup function?

A: The backup function saves the original images in a separate directory before being processed by the server. In addition, all meta informations of the original image (e.g. file name, file size and image dimensions) are stored in the database. The former allows the restoration of images, the latter is mainly used for various statistics. Disabling the backup function has the disadvantage, that the original images are no longer available after being processed by TinyImg, but the advantage that no additional space is occupied on the server.

Q: How does the restore work?

A: There are two possibilities for the restore: Individual image files can be restored in the administration area via the file attachment overview, mass processing is possible via the function "Update displays" in the administration area.

Q: What advantages does the offered conversion of HEIF/HEIC/WebP/BMP files offer?

A: The main goal of the conversion is to be able to display images as such. For example, BMP files are not only extremely memory heavy. They are not displayed or integrated as an image by the WoltLab software. On the other hand, WebP files are much smaller in file size than PNG files. The display in turn is currently only supported by the fewest browsers. HEIC/HEIF is a relatively new file format that is currently supported by no browser at all for an indefinable period of time.

Q: What compression options are available?

A: We have made it our mission to provide you with maximum flexibility with our product. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of compressors:

  • PNG files
    • Tinify (Online API)
    • Google (Online API)
    • reSmush.it (Online API)
    • Compressor.io (Loss-free) (Online API)
    • Compressor.io (Lossy) (Online API)
    • PNG Crush (Online API)
    • OptiPNG (Local)
    • PNGquant (Local)
    • AdvPNG (Local)
  • JPEG files
    • Tinify (Online API)
    • Google (Online API)
    • reSmush.it (Online API)
    • Compressor.io (Loss-free) (Online API)
    • Compressor.io (Lossy) (Online API)
    • JPG Optimiser (Online API)
    • Jpegoptim (Local)
    • Jpegtran (Local)
    • MozJPEG (Local)
  • GIF files

    • Google (Online API)
    • reSmush.it (Online API)
    • Compressor.io (Lossy) (Online API)
    • Gifsicle (Local)

Please note: Depending on the selected compressor restrictions are possible. Please refer to the manufacturer or website provider to find out which restrictions. Also note that using local compressors most likely require root access to your server.

Q: Where does TinyImg find everywhere?

A: Currently, TinyImg only includes the internal file attachment feature. Expanding to other areas (such as the gallery or the media administration) is already in planning stage or even in progress.

What's next after my purchase?

After your payment, it's advised to activate your account for the support area of this extension. To do so, visit https://activate.softcreatr.com, register your account if neccessary and activate your license. After a successful activation, you'll receive access to the support area of this extension and access to our "Fast Lane Service", where you can download the latest versions right after their release and before it will be activated here in the plugin store.

  • Version 5.7.12

    The functions for bulk processing of uploaded files have been moved from the "Rebuild Data" page to the file attachments list in the administration control panel

  • Version 5.7.11

    Fixed a bug that caused not only images to be watermarked (and thus possibly scaled and compressed), but all files supported by the selected graphics library (e.g. PDF files).

  • Version 5.7.10

    Improved error handling

  • Version 5.7.9

    - Fixed a bug where individual attachments could not be restored via the file attachments overview

    - Fixed a bug that caused the displayed information in the file attachments overview not to be updated synchronously since WSC 5.4, but only after reloading the page

  • Version 5.7.8

    - Fixed a bug that caused files with the extension .jpeg not to be renamed, giving the impression that the files had not been processed

    - Fixed a bug that caused WebP files to not be watermarked

    - Fixed a bug that prevented files with the .jpeg extension from being used as watermark image

  • Version 5.7.7

    Fixed some bugs related to PHP 8.1

  • Version 5.7.6

    Fixed a bug that caused the file name change to be executed not only on processed image files

  • Version 5.7.5

    - Fixed a bug that caused watermarks to no longer be set

    - Various code optimizations

  • Version 5.7.2

    Watermark options revised

  • Version 5.7.1

    - Fixed a bug that caused images converted to WebP format to be delivered with the wrong mime type.

    - Fixed a bug that caused an attempt to convert images even though no converter was enabled

    - Added WebP as target format for BMP conversion

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