Usergroups application during registration 5.5 / 5.4 / 5.3 5.5.0

With this plugin it is possible that users can apply directly for a user group in the registry.

Product description

Some of you probably know the problem that you have had a hard time adapting the user groups for different areas of your website, but new users unfortunately find it difficult to apply for a suitable user group in the menu navigation. With this plugin you can specify any user group for which a user can apply directly and without detours within the registration. Thus you direct the entire attention of your newcomers to all areas of your offer right from the start.


The product offered here can be operated in WoltLab Suite Core 5.5 (WSC 5.5), WoltLab Suite Core 5.4 (WSC 5.4) and WoltLab Suite Core 5.3 (WSC 5.3).


supported languages

  • German
  • English


Support for all my products can be found on This enables me to process all my customers' requests in a bundled and timely manner. Please understand that requests coming from other sources cannot be processed.


As to all my products you can also test this product free of charge in my Online-Demo in all peace on "heart and kidneys". A free registration is however necessary under

No questions?

If you still have open questions, you can always open a new topic in my forum in the category "Questions before buying" and I will try to answer everything to your satisfaction so that even the last uncertainties can be resolved.


  • Version 5.5.0

    Adaptations to the WoltLab Suite Core 5.5 (WSC 5.5)

  • Version 5.4.1

    Switch to TypeScript

    Fixes an error when the user group application was declared as a mandatory field in the options, but no group was available for selection

  • Version 5.4.0

    Adaptations to the WSC 5.4

  • Version 5.3.0

    Adaptation to WSC 5.3

  • Version 5.2.1

    Sorting is now done according to the prioritization

    Small improvements in the English translation

  • Version 5.2.0

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