Comando 1.0.0

Dark style suitable for gaming communities

Comando is a semi-transparent dark style designed for the WoltLab Suite 3. The style is suitable for gaming communities. 4 color schemes are included in the package.








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  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hello, When is the update for 3.1 coming?? ı want to buy.

  • Hi,

    when is the update for 3.1 coming?

  • Hello, how can I show custom user headers in web view in mobile phone view?


    I want features in the desktop view.

  • Hi,

    when is the update for 3.1 coming?

  • Hope you're doing better! Any update on the update schedule?


  • Important before I buy: Can I use my own background image?

  • Need this for 3.1

  • Hello, are you planning to make an update for the Suite 3.1?

    • Hi, yes, actually the update is almost finished, but I'm at the hospital right now, I'll be released on Saturday. When I'm back home I'll finish the update and upload it here. Regards

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    • Hi, when will it released?

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    • I think he wont relase it...

    • update pls ???

  • Hey,

    your Theme looks amazing. But there are some "Bugs". On some pages the style doesn't load correctly. For example the Imprint looks like this on my Site:

    • Hi, actually that was kind of intented. Besides being an optional package, not everyone install the legal notice, but I must say that I tested the page with less text than you, and it looked good, I didn't consider such a long text, I will upload an update considering this and also another third party plugin. The approval in the Plugin Store usually takes at least a week. You can send me a PM tomorrow if you don't want to wait until is approved. Regards.

  • Looks really good! I'm interested in switching but would need some help adjusting details to fit our Community colors. Would you be available to help with a just a few basic adjustments like changing the Background color of notifications, etc?


    • Hi, I think that won't be a problem, send me a PM with the details.

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  • habe mir dieses Thema gekauft und sieht auch echt gut aus

    nur einziger hacken ist wenn man das News plugin hat. da wird das geschriebene von dem hintergrund unleserlich.
    bitte um rat

    • Hi, sorry, I don't speak German :( (only English, Spanish or French). I don't own the News plugin, I just sent you a PM to see what can I do to help you :)

    • das sollte helfen:

      /*-- News Seite --*/

      section .section:first-child {

      margin: 0px;

      padding: 20px;

      background-color: rgba(31, 36, 42, .9);

      border-radius: 5px;



    • Blöde Frage, ist das mit dem WBB Forum 5.1.6 kompatibel?

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