Clan management 2 2.1.7 pl 1

They want to give their community more structure? Would you give more privacy? And give her the opportunity to present themselves better? Then is exactly this plugin that is right for you.

In the description, I exclusively use the term clan, which can be replaced at any time by club, team, clique, interest group, etc.

Product description:

You want to give your community more structure? Would you like more privacy? And give her the opportunity to present herself better? Then is exactly this plugin that is right for you. Primarily, the plugin "clan administration" is designed for communities, which are several clans, but also for any other interests, clubs, teams, cliques, etc. is this plugin interesting. They allow their members to create their own groups so that they can manage and administer themselves. As an administrator, you can sit back and relax without a finger.

Update note: Please note that after a successful upgrade from wcf 2.1 to wsc 3.0 the plugin "WYSIWYG Editor: Multilingual" should be uninstalled as this is no longer required for clan administration 2.

Clan Creation

Your member needs only one category, a clan image, a clan tag, clan tag, clantag (clipped via ACP), clantag clasps (disabled via ACP), and a description, and it can almost go on after choosing one of four clan styles (Public, everyone comes into the clan, Private, new members can only get into the clan by invitation, closed, each new member has to fill out an application before, which must be appropriately accepted or rejected, Moderated, only the clan can add members ). Each clan type can be activated / deactivated individually in the ACP.

Membership Management

Each clan can manage itself autonomously. To accept, reject, discard, create new clan groups, edit, delete, or move members within these groups, adjust group rights, or even make clan settings, is not a single handset of them as an administrator.

Clan settings

In the standard scope, each clan can determine whether the last activities, the member list or the comment function should be deactivated or activated. The sorting of the individual pages is also possible without problems. Clans can even set their clantag color, six types of clantag types, and an application template can be deposited.

Clan pages

Through the own clan sides each clan can make its own appearance perfect. By creating multilingual texts, uploading files, and starting surveys, you'll probably find everything that a clan needs to be a perfect clan. It is also possible to create new menu entries, in order, for example, to external content. By the sorting function it is also possible to create your own landing pages which deviate from the standard.

User groups

Do you want each clan to get their own user group in order to be able to assign appropriate rights? No problem, because the clan administration also offers you a completely automated system for this request, in order to automatically add or remove each member into the user group.

Individual fields

Each community is unique in its theme and has a need for its own fields, which each clan should be able to fill. Quickly and easily create your own fields via the ACP to give your clans even more possibilities. As a special highlight, these fields are also searchable via the new clan search, if desired.


The plugin fits into the wsc, which means that functions such as activity points, the moderation of deactivated clans, an "unread comments" function, various notifications, Recent Activities and much more are automatically integrated.


YoureCom-License Commercial


When creating the product description, I noticed how far the plugin has grown from its functional range since its first release. I would like to thank all my customers, who feed me with feedback so that this plugin can continue to grow and thrive in its diversity. Thank you very much!


  • Version 2.1.7 pl 1

    Fixed an issues by displaying a clan

  • Version 2.1.7

    Fixes a bug related to the clanbannern / logos

    Fixes a bug with the menu ping badge

    Fixes an error in the tag cloud

  • Version 2.1.6

    Fixes an error in the search function, which duplicated the results and ignored clan pages in the search.

    Fixes an error when editing clan pages.

    Fixes a bug under PHP 7.x.

  • Version 2.1.5 pl 2

    Fixed an error if a clan has no clanlogo

  • Version 2.1.5 pl 1

    [Fixed] Fixes an error in the search

    [Fixed] Fixes an error in the comment box

    [Fixed] Fixes a rendering error of comments in guest mode

    [Fixed] Fixes an error with the clan banners

  • Version 2.1.5

    [Added] Optical adaptation of the clan administration

    [Fixed] Deleted comments permanently display Clan as new

    [Fixed] The preview button saves clans

    [Fixed] drop-down menu for posts disappeared

    [Fixed] Boxing permission bugs

    [Fixed] Clantags are retained on deleted clans

    [Fixed] Clan tags are displayed too often

    [Fixed] User group is not left at clan exit

    [Fixed] If you want to put the box top rated in the content area.

    [Fixed] Bilingual text incorrectly

    [Fixed] An error on the member overview with the clantags

    [Fixed] Error within the search

    [Fixed] An error related to PHP 7.2 has been fixed

  • Version 2.1.4

    [Fixed] Some errors in the mobile view

    [Fixed] Error in moderation overview

    [Fixed] Fixed bug with clan pages

    [Fixed] Basic problems with the wsc search were resolved (even minor discrepancies exist!)

    [Fixed] Spelling mistakes Chen

  • Version 2.1.3

    [Resolved] Fixed a problem with the clanboxes

    [Fixed] Editing the mobile view

    [Fixed] Clan Admin menu error has been fixed

  • Version 2.1.2

    [Fixed] An error by all clan pages

  • Version 2.1.1

    [Fixed] Clantags was not displayed in any EA

    [Fixed] A problem with clan pages was fixed

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