Vioven 2.0.0

wewexmedia Stil - Vioven


What we tolerate.

  • You are allowed to delete/change images to use your own images.
  • You are allowed to make small changes which don't change the character of the product.

What we don’t tolerate.

  • You are not allowed to change or delete any wewexmedia copyrights.
  • All wewexmedia products are non-commercial use.
  • You are not allowed to use pieces or the whole package for your own design.
  • You are not allowed to spread the product without permission.

wewexmedia wird eingestellt.

General Information

  • This design is only compatible with WCF 2.1 / WBB 4.1.
  • In this package is only one version(middle) available.
  • Demo „Vioven“.

This style must necessarily be installed as a plugin. The package can't be unpacked before.


  • Version 2.0.0

    WSC 3

  • Version 1.0.0

    Burning Board 4.1|Community Framework 2.1

  • Ist es Möglich bei dem Syle für die 3.0 wieder beim login Button den Text "Anmelden oder Registrieren" einzufügen ?.

    Kann ich das irgendwo im style selbst eintragen ?

  • Gibt es die Möglichkeit einen anderen Hintergrund (ein Jpg oder Png ) einzubinden? Ich finde dazu leider nichts

  • Lizenz ausnahmen oder gewerbliche Lizenzen verkaufen sie gar nicht oder?

  • Loginfunktion unter Safari geht nicht. Es öffnet sich nach einem Klick auf anmelden nicht das Login Popup sondern der Browser läd nur noch und nichts passiert. Beim Standardstile gibts keine Probleme. Bei andern Browser klappt es.

  • In

    {if MESSAGE_SIDEBAR_ENABLE_ONLINE_STATUS && $userProfile->isOnline()}<span class="badge green badgeOnline" title="{lang}{/lang}">{lang}{/lang}</span>{else}<span class="badge red badgeOffline">{lang}wcf.user.offline{/lang}</span>{/if}

    badgeOffline doesn't exist, nor does the language phrase wcf.user.offline.

    I've been able to add the badgeOffline class manually by looking at the css code for BadgeOnline and adding the new css to the css editor in the ACP. Here's the code for that...

    Note: this does not add any support for max-width: 800 as exists in the Vioven master css file for badgeOnline. The only way I've found to add that is to modify the master .css manually and add that line.

    Finally, I modified the messageSidebar template to match the following (expanded for readability):

    {if MESSAGE_SIDEBAR_ENABLE_ONLINE_STATUS && $userProfile->isOnline()}
        <span class="badge green badgeOnline" title="{lang}{/lang}">{lang}{/lang}</span>
        <span class="badge red badgeOffline" title="{$username} is offline">Offline</span>

    This is a bit of a band-aid fix as there is no language support. However, I don't know how to add phrases (like the missing wcf.user.offline) otherwise I would've fixed it by going that route. Just thought I'd let you know.

  • I'm really interested in this style for WSC 3.0. Is there any chance that it will be updated?

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    • Not until the second quarter.

    • Okay, thanks for your answer

  • Is there an option to put the user bar on the left side of posts, like the way it is in Lucent? I really like the Lucent theme, but I'm moving away from it because my viewers are complaining about difficulty reading some posts. The only thing that's keeping me away from this theme is the fact that the user bar is above the post and it makes it feel cluttered.

    • Yes, that's possible. Just delete the LESS-Variable "@messageSidebarOrientation: top;" and the CSS section between line 1095-1276.

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  • is it not possible to sign in the demo site ?

  • Requires the package “WoltLab Community Framework” in version “2.1.11 pl 1” or higher, but only version “2.1.11” is installed.