FB Like 1.0.2

A Facebook look alike style for WoltLab Burning Board 4.1 and WCF 2.1.

A style made to look like Facebook for WoltLab Burning Board 4.1 and WCF 2.1. Thank you to Morik and Fabi_995 for giving me some help with the style.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Renamed updated style from "style-fblike" to "style_a43e7a91892e8a3f2514f44d199dd0203ca6708e.tar". Improved some CSS, added German language description and added templates for branding (copyright) link to wbbstyles.net. Fixed issue with file being named .tar.tar.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed some CSS issues that were overlooked in the first version.

  • Fehlt nur noch nen Icon vor der Suchleiste damit es noch mehr FB ähnlichkeit hat, kann man aber sicher via. CSS machen

    Google Translator :
    The only thing missing nen icon in front of the search bar so that it has more similarity FB , but you can via secure. make CSS

  • Looks pretty neat. Good Job. ;)

  • Great idea. I like that style.

    • Thank you, Sonnenspeer.