1. It´s Christmas 2

    A Christmas style in a snowstorm, somewhere near the North Pole.
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  2. With the V-Collection iconset you can replace the single colored icons of the Font Awesome with handpicked colored but still professional new icons. With this collection you can create a completely new view of your website, a very colorful one, in the easiest way.
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  3. You want to get an eye-catcher for your community? Than you need the Teaser Box 2 from KittMedia Productions for your website based on Community Framework 2.
    EUR 14.20
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  4. Slider Box 2

    With the Slider Box 2 you have an easy but even a large and modern tool to provide your users additional content in the simpliest way. You can not just use the user panel with all its management funktions but you have also additional space to show more content with the Slider Box 2.
    EUR 11.00
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  5. You are not pleased with the responsive web design of Community Framework 2 and want to get something better? Than you should inspect this product.
    WoltLab Cloud
    EUR 4.65
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  6. You want a high quality application for your internet presence? Than you need our first application for WoltLab Community Framework 2! Its name is KittMedia Productions Portal (abbr. KPP) and is an easy to use portal for Community Framework 2.
    EUR 37.66
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  7. Make your desicion for a design, which combines comfortable seablue colors with a dark color scheme to a unique appearance. You can partially see the background through its half transparency without forgetting the content.
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  8. You will get a simple and modern design with "Suave", whereby the content of your website shows to advantage. Gold yellow accents provide a first-class look, through which your users will use your website with joy.
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  9. Inspire your users with a design, which contains perfectly harmonized colores and an own font family as a unique feature. The sidebar, which is seamless integrated, contains the several menus and makes the design something special.
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  10. The new style "Skyscraper" flies high! You get a fresh and modern design, which has a consequent and deliberated color variation, which makes it unique. This color variation was chosen lightly on purpose to present you and your users a comfortable website the whole time.
    EUR 15.95
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  11. You are searching for a design, which shows what you can create with modern web technologies and you are willing to attract attention with and especially through your website? Than the design "Silver Star" is the very best for you!
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  12. Brave colors characterize this design. At the same time it provides strong contrasts and is the opposite of boring trough its CSS3 effects. Because of this your website is kept in mind by your users longer than five seconds - just by the design. Based on this you are able to provide your users a unique surf experience on your website.
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  13. In the age of modern media, which uses different input formats and display resolutions, it is essential to create an easy and fast handling, especially for devices with touch support. Nevertheless, as many features as possible should be usable as they are available on media with higher display resolutions and a more accurate input format.
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  14. Provide your users a simple and clear structured website, so the come again with joy. Through the clear structure of the design "Honesty" you can style your website in the easiest way. The whole time your website gets a character trait, which emanates professionality the: plain modernity.
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  15. You're searching a light, happy making and also unique style with beautiful details? Than, the style "Freedom of Life" is the best for you!
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  16. With this dark design you offer your community an elegant website, which is gentle to the eyes. However, even if you look closely, you and your users can see much love in designing even the smallest details, which makes the difference to other designs.
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  17. Use a classic design for your website. The light colored content sets oneself apart from the dark background and thus is comfortable to read. Colored accents keep the design frish and unique.
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  18. Fascinate your users with a dark design, which still has a nice contrast and looks elegant. Stand out from the crowd and provide your users something for their eyes. Then you and your project get a higher attention and stay in memory.
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  19. The original Donation Plugin (Paypal, PSC, Bank Transfer)
    WoltLab Cloud
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  20. Christmas

    Every year… is doesn’t have to be the same design...
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