1. “Switch” provides a modern and clear layout with perfect complementary colors and thus provides the forum owner the possibility to give his users a design to use, which will be kept in mind positively.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 59 Purchases
  2. Radiant for WoltLab 3.1

    A Much Better, Clean and Elegant Premium WoltLab Style
    EUR 23.80
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    • 80 Purchases
  3. You will get modern and flat elements with a professional and perfect harmonized colors with the design “Crystal Temptation”. Typical for designs from KittMedia Productions, it has a huge amount of work in details and thus feels great on every page of your website. You will get an extra part of space in the header to add your own image, text or a slideshow. It’s up to you! Of course you can easily disable this area if you want to.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 120 Purchases
  4. This Branding Free License allows the removal of the visible copyright notes from the design in the title. You do not have to know anything except how to install a plugin because you just have to install it and the visible copyright note in the footer of your website will be removed immediately.
    EUR 59.95
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    • 1 Purchase
  5. Wonderful color combinations and a creation, which is elaborated and harmonious down to the last detail, can be found in the design Dreamily from KittMedia Productions.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 112 Purchases
  6. Minecraft 2

    Minecraft Stil für deine Community. Der richtige Stil für Minecraft Fans.
    EUR 2.38
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  7. In the age of modern media, which uses different input formats and display resolutions, it is essential to create an easy and fast handling, especially for devices with touch support. Nevertheless, as many features as possible should be usable as they are available on media with higher display resolutions and a more accurate input format.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 82 Purchases
  8. Get a complete new paint finish of your forum layout with the design “Whisperer”. Similar to social networks the sidebar is defined on the right border of the browser and stays fixed in this area. Additionally, the forums view was edited and optionally provides a double columned layout at 1270px browser width or more. You are able to disabled this feature and to customize the design easily with a maximum in comfort in this way.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 36 Purchases
  9. Our new design Hypidiomorphic provides a crystal clear overview about every content. Its rectilinear structure provides a powerful user experience and combines an easy handling of your website with a consequent continuous and elaborated but even beautiful design. You will receive an individual internet website with this unique color combination.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 54 Purchases
  10. Radiant

    Clean and Elegant Premium WoltLab Style
    WoltLab Cloud
    EUR 23.80
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    • 135 Purchases
  11. Brave colors characterize this design. At the same time it provides strong contrasts and is the opposite of boring trough its CSS3 effects. Because of this your website is kept in mind by your users longer than five seconds - just by the design. Based on this you are able to provide your users a unique surf experience on your website.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 29 Purchases
  12. BlueSea

    Light style
    EUR 5.95
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    • 9 Purchases
  13. A breathtaking gaming style to CD-Projects mega hit "Cyberpunk 2077". Night City is waiting for you!
    WoltLab Cloud
    EUR 24.99
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    • 19 Purchases
  14. Make your desicion for a design, which combines comfortable seablue colors with a dark color scheme to a unique appearance. You can partially see the background through its half transparency without forgetting the content.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 44 Purchases
  15. You're searching a light, happy making and also unique style with beautiful details? Than, the style "Freedom of Life" is the best for you!
    EUR 15.95
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    • 32 Purchases
  16. Fascinate your users with a dark design, which still has a nice contrast and looks elegant. Stand out from the crowd and provide your users something for their eyes. Then you and your project get a higher attention and stay in memory.
    EUR 15.95
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    • 48 Purchases
  17. Style: Hero

    A high-quality premium style, which was designed with lots of attention to detail.
    WoltLab Cloud
    EUR 24.99
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    • 46 Purchases
  18. The modern style package "BaseLine v2" upgrades each community automatically. Thanks to the responsive design, it also looks exactly the way you want it on mobile devices. Unbeatably modern and an absolute eye-catcher! Adapted to the WoltLab Community Suite 3.0 and 3.1.
    EUR 24.99
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    • 42 Purchases
  19. Based on a modern layout you can enjoy your community even more with the design „Emphasis“ from KittMedia Productions. You will have a great choice of colors, both dark and light, so that it will be fit your project!
    EUR 15.95
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    • 16 Purchases
  20. Darkness

    A simple style in dark colors.
    EUR 7.95
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    • 8 Purchases