Jcoins i can hide threads or posts ?

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    Can I hide topics with this plugin? Is it possible to hide the topic with jCoins. If you want to see the topic, can you pay with jcoins? Do you know if it works this way?

  • I've used them in the past for rewarding members and give them the opportunity to buy something in the shop (by Viecode) but only for a year coz the system itself isn't comparable to solutions like the coins system by Dragonbyte who developed such systems for Xenforo (and vB or was it IPS, not sure) coz it isn't fully thought through. There are a few additions to this plugin, e. g. the jCoins shop or a extension for the Filebase to buy stuff with jCoins but as I said, these are only half baked and need to be rethought in order to be able to compete with other solutions on other platforms.

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