Rebuilding the header section.

  • I completely agree with all the suggestions, but I wonder why it wouldn't be possible to have a header builder, it shouldn't be too difficult to define some conditions for the development team. And it would also be a great addition for style developers, giving them more options to create versatile styles.

    Apparently they are already doing that. You can customize both the design and the templates. :/

  • At this point, I ask myself who uses the default style at all. My guess is that many users here will fall back on third-party styles, and as a style creator I don't imagine it's fun to consider an option that only really makes sense in the default style.
    As a style creator, I would also have to be able to permanently and unchangeably deactivate this option in my style.

  • Just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean nobody does. And the software provides such functionality. To me it seems everything you don’t use is bad for you and everyone who is against a suggestion of you is, too.

    There are many places for the ad, such as under the header, under the subject, above the footer, etc. There are many places to place the ad. I understand that there is no place, but there is a place. The header should contain the logo, menu and userbar or search engine, it is not a good place for advertising. Advertisement can be done under the headline on the entire width of the content.

    Seriously, there is so much space for advertising on the forum that I would skip the header for visual reasons.

  • This is not my personal preference. UX (User Experience) violation only. Placing an ad in the header too intrusively can ruin the user experience and make visitors more likely to leave the page. UI/UX basics. Also, the headline should tell the user what the forum is about. Header advertising can conflict with the main message of the page or be inconsistent with its theme, which can scare away users.

  • And how will this ad appear in the woltlab header on a mobile device?

    According to my tests, it does not appear on mobile devices. (*)

    It is worth mentioning that all ad placements allow you to set whether or not they should appear on desktop or mobile devices. This allows you to personalise the browsing experience of your website users.

    (*) If this ad does not really appear on mobile devices, it might be a good idea to announce it when you select this ad, or to check the Uses desktop option by default (or display the Uses mobile device option as not selectable).

    cc/ Alexander Ebert

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