These missing features prevent me from buying this otherwise amazing software

  • Hello! So for years I haven't really managed to settle down and make a decision on a CMS/Forum like Woltlab or its concurrents, because all of them have their own good features that the others doesn't. However, for me Woltlab seems like the best in the market right now for my personal use (multilingual in its core, article system, and very mobile friendly, easy to use...). But... it's missing crucial features as well, and it's making me really hesitate, because it's simple features in their way, but it doesn't seem like the developers are interested in adding them. Let me list what I have in mind:

    Native Stripe integration!

    I hate PayPal and surely I'm not the only one. Adding a built-in Stripe integration shouldn't be too hard for developers like you considering how good the product is, and all the concurrence even has it! I'm very sure that I'm not the only one in this case, and I also don't have the money to buy two extensions for 80€ just to add this simple feature...

    A small feature too: a flexible subscription field would be really cool. The user pays the amount they want each month, and they get a group promotion like the other subscriptions. This seems more like a plugin thing, but I add it here, we never know!

    Pushing the multilingual further!

    In the demo, I didn't manage to translate selection fields, I can't seem to be able to use language strings in them, and this bothers me a lot considering I'm planning on having a very international community, and I'd hope the entire site to be translatable, but it isn't the case yet...

    Thank you for hearing me out, that's all I could think about right now, but if I think about something else, I'll edit the message and add it! Please developers consider this, because if these tiny features make their way in the software, it'll be an insta-buy of all the apps from me ^^

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    Thanks for your suggestion regarding Stripe. We’ll take into consideration if and how we can expand the paid subscriptions feature to cover such aspects. However, we’re at the end of the development cycle for 6.0, therefore we cannot promise a shot-term solution for this.

    In the demo, I didn't manage to translate selection fields, I can't seem to be able to use language strings in them

    That is possible, although requires a bit of extra work at this time. Selection fields and seen with user profile fields have a secondary syntax that allows you to provide both an internal key and a display value. For example, the value something:my.fancy.phrase.for.something will be internally stored as something but displayed as my.fancy.phrase.for.something.

    The rabbit hole goes a bit deeper form here: The awkward value is actually formed like a phrase and the system will attempt to evaluate the value as a phrase. Next add an own phrase with the name my.fancy.phrase.for.something and provide translations for each language.

    This is already used for profile fields like “Gender” which uses phrases to localize the selectable value. It’s a bit cumbersome to work with, but it gets the job done for the time being.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Thank you for your reply! It's ok if it's not short term but planned at least I can begin building the base of the site and will manage the subscription aspect later.

    I'll definitely try the solution for translating the selection field strings too, thank you!

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