Discord Forum Sync

  • Today I found out that Discord is launching an option to have forum channels on a Discord server. To bring the community and website more to life it would be great to have a way to synchronize forum posts between the WoltLab forum and Discord forum channels.

    We already have several great Discord plug-ins that allow pushing messages to Discord and user synchronization, so this might be possible to achieve?

    Discord Forum Channels

  • In addition to what Hanashi has already said, beta features that are only introduced to a small subset of users may be subject to major (breaking) changes or even removal if they don't meet the expectations of the product management/business development department. Therefore, implementing such a plugin at this stage would be rather risky and not worthwhile until the feature is considered stable and rolled out to everyone.

  • Because of this, the most developers (including me) can currently not use this channel type.

    Would this be possible now?

    This could allow a plugin to synchronize in both directions if paired with your discord sync plugin.

    This might not be good for all threads in a forum, but it would be awesome if I could pair my forums offtopic forum with those in discord.

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