Which styles are users using?

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.4

    In the ACP/Customisation/Styles are it should be possible to see how many users are using a particular style, but the numbers are so low that they don't tally with the number of users.

    For example, the default theme/style is showing zero users and other styles have maybe one or two out of more than 300 users.

    Perhaps I haven't configured something correctly?

  • The data only count if users explicitly set a particular style. Everyone else uses the default one.

    Assuming you have these data:

    Registered users: 10

    Default style: 2 users

    Custom style: 3 users

    So 2 users explicitly use the default style but have selected this style on purpose. Even if you change the default style, they stick to the selection, so the style won’t change for them if you change the default style.

    And 3 users explicitly use the custom style.

    So basically 7 of the 10 users use the default style.

  • So unless otherwise stated, everyone is using the default style. Is that what you're saying?

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