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    Since there's near-zero chance according to previous threads that we'd be getting a proper BBCode-only editor mode, why not add a Remove Formatting button to the WYSIWYG part of Redactor? We use Blizzard-style staff formatters on our forum, and copying them from, for example, inline code-formatted text carries the monospace font over and breaks the BBCode. Going into source mode to fix it is fine on desktop but is pretty unwieldy on mobile devices, so being able to holdselect and just tap a button to remove formatting on text you have selected would make the mobile editing experience a bit better.


  • Especially on my android device i simply hold the textfield and click on "paste as plain text" to accomplish exactly what u have written.

    On Desktop while right click in the textfield you got the same option. Why include another if its already there?

  • Paste as plain text isn't easily accessible on older Android devices (it doesn't readily show up when pasting on my S9+ using Samsung Keyboard). In addition, sometimes you're pasting in a large volume of text and only want to remove formatting on a specific passage, just as an example.

    Aside from that, seems like every other editor currently in use has this feature (even Redactor itself in other contexts!), so why not have it? Bit of a silly omission from Core when every other package that bills itself as a CMS makes use of it.

  • Marcel Werk July 1, 2023 at 11:37 AM

    Set the Label from Planned to Implemented

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