Error 429 too many requests

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.4
    Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Forum

    When I try to rebuild the forum data, I get this error message when rebuilding the posts :

    And now the posts of the users are not counted in their activity points anymore. I looked for an error log but there is none created.

    Can you help me?

  • Why is my thread moved to resolved? It isn't!

    Contacted my hosting provider yesterday, nothing has changed in their settings for the number of requests allowed. And they're not going to change it either for security reasons, which I understand. So logically, if it didn't change at the hosting side, it must have changed at your side. So I'm back to square one with this one.

    What changed in the Rebuild Data part of the software that it asks that much requests all of the sudden?

  • Hi

    What changed in the Rebuild Data part of the software that it asks that much requests all of the sudden?

    Nothing, except possibly the amount of data that needs to be processed (e.g. because users created additional posts).

    The software automatically splits the rebuild process into several small chunks of 500 posts each to prevent the process from being prematurely aborted by the web server due to hitting a timeout. After a chunk has been processed another request will be sent immediately, repeating this until all posts have been processed.

    So if your community has, say, 50000 posts, the rebuild process will send 100 requests in a short-ish amount of time, possibly hitting whatever limitation your hosting provider decided to use.

    It might be that the rebuild process for each chunk got slightly faster for some reason (e.g. upgraded hardware), so that there will be more requests in the same amount of time, hitting the limit whereas previously you barely avoided it.

  • Today I tried to do a run of the SSH commands as described above but I got an error "-bash: worker : command not found."

    Can somebody help me with this?

  • I don't understand your remark. What am I missing in the manual? I'm not doing an import but just running the worker lines. I want to avoid running a wrong command via SSH and messing up my forum.

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